ubitricity launches standard-compliant EV lamp post charge point for the German market

The new solution is attached to the lamp post and brings charge points directly to the doorsteps of EV drivers and enables a quickly scalable area-wide expansion of the charging infrastructure.

ubitricity, manufacturer and operator of charging solutions for electric vehicles and a wholly owned subsidiary of the Shell Group, is introducing a standard compliant EV lamp post charge point for the German market. The lamp post-mounted solution called Heinz allows city residents to easily charge their vehicles with a standard type 2 cable in their neighbourhood. The charge point, which can be accessed without a subscription, blends seamlessly into the cityscape, keeps pavements clear and adds another benefit to existing infrastructure. The new technology is now available.

EV charging at urban lamp posts offers enormous potential, as it enables citizens without private parking space – around 40-60% in major German cities – to charge their electric vehicles conveniently and without having to make extra trips. Analogous to a home charger, charging the electric vehicle thus becomes a secondary matter. The lamp post charge point is therefore specially adapted to long parking and adjusts the charging time accordingly.

Thanks to standardised activation and access options, charging processes at ubitricity’s lamp post charge points can be easily handled via all common systems. Ad hoc charging is possible for all smartphone users directly thanks to a QR code on the charge point. For billing, EV drivers can choose from a variety of payment options such as the use of RFID charging cards or mobility service provider apps.

The lamp post charge point was developed in cooperation with the hardware developer ebee Smart Technologies GmbH. By complying with common market standards (e.g. OCPP), the solution has a high level of interoperability and offers end users the best possible charging experience. The slim product is equipped with a Bender charge controller and offers the ideal conditions for overnight charging. The standard-compliant charging point for electric cars fulfils all requirements of the German metrological conformity and calibration law (Eichrecht) and the technical connection rules and conditions (TAR/TAB).

As the installation of the EV lamp post charge point does not require any groundworks, cities and municipalities benefit from quick planning, low investment costs and rapid initial operation. Compared to larger charging stations, the energy consumption and CO2 emissions for the installation processes are also significantly lower. Due to its low connected load, the charge point is particularly compatible with the grid. Furthermore, in the event of changed circumstances in the surrounding of the charging point, for example due to the installation of new cycle paths, it is easily possible to move the charging point to a new location. 

Lex Hartman, CEO of ubitricity, is convinced that the new product will quickly drive the expansion of the public charging infrastructure in Germany: “The Heinz lamp post charge point closes a key gap in the publicly accessible charging network by offering EV drivers the opportunity to charge their electric vehicles in everyday life in an extremely convenient way.  We are delighted to be working with German cities and municipalities to make this innovative technology available to everyone everywhere with immediate effect.”

Source: ubitricity, https://www.ubitricity.com/standard-compliant-ev-lamp-post-charge-point-for-germany/

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