STMicroelectronics Empowers the Intelligent Edge with Second-Generation STM32 Microprocessors

STMicroelectronics (NYSE: STM), a global semiconductor leader serving customers across a wide range of electronics applications, is introducing new devices from the second generation of its industrial microprocessors (MPUs), the STM32MP2 series. These MPUs are designed to drive progress in smart factories, smart healthcare, smart buildings, and smart infrastructure.

The digital transformation is sweeping across various domains, leading to improvements in business productivity, healthcare, safety, and energy management. Key enabling technologies include cloud computing, data analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), and the Internet of Things (IoT). ST’s STM32MP2 MPUs will power the next generation of equipment that forms the fabric of this evolving digital world. These devices will find applications in industrial controllers, machine-vision systems, medical wearables, data aggregators, network gateways, smart appliances, and both industrial and domestic robots.

Stephane Henry, General Purpose MPU Division General Manager at STMicroelectronics, emphasized that these embedded MPUs address the trend of shifting workloads and increasing demands to smart devices, often deployed at the IoT edge, for faster response and improved efficiency. The new STM32MP2 devices extend the performance trajectory by introducing the most powerful processing engine, now enhanced with edge AI capabilities. These MPUs are supported by the STM32 ecosystem, facilitating rapid product development.

Architected for demanding and time-sensitive workloads, AI inferencing, and communication, the STM32MP2 MPUs boast state-of-the-art cybersecurity features. They are built to withstand up to 10 years of continuous operation. Security is a top priority, leveraging ST’s proprietary secure hardware, anti-tamper controls, protected firmware, and secure provisioning. These features, combined with Arm®’s TrustZone® architecture, ensure the confidentiality of sensitive data and keys. Certification to SESIP Level 3, a leading security test methodology for IoT devices, is ongoing for STM32MP2 MPUs to meet forthcoming cyber-protection requirements worldwide.

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