High-Bandwidth In-Vehicle Data Logging for ADAS and AD

Advanced driver-assistance system (ADAS) test engineers record sensor and ground truth data during road testing to verify sensor capabilities and train ADAS and autonomous vehicle (AV) algorithms. Autonomous driving (AD) software demands multiple high-bandwidth sensors, driving exponential data volume and movement growth. To cost-effectively keep up with technology, today’s data-recording solutions must be simultaneously high-performance, forward-thinking, and adaptable.

  • Synchronization—Provide microsecond-level accuracy for sensor and vehicle network interfaces. 
  • Changing and Evolving Requirements—Adapt to evolving vehicle technology for current and future regulatory requirements.
  • Data Volume—Manage data capture in GB/s while storing hundreds of TB per day and vehicle, but still being able to visualize data during road testing.
  • Data Quality and Cost—Precisely measure I/O, lossless data handling, and data reduction at the beginning of the data life cycle.
  • Integrated System—Eliminate multiple disparate sensor recording solutions to avoid installation complexity and decrease the risk of failure.
NI Data Record System AD
  • Leverage PXI Express—the open industry standard—for high-throughput data streaming, tight synchronization through an integrated 100 MHz clock, and high-performance computing.
  • Use native GMSL and FPD-Link camera interfaces to log vehicle sensor data without additional converters directly into the NI PXI system.
  • Choose an automotive network (Automotive EthernetFlexRayCAN, or LIN) and Ethernet interfaces from NI’s catalog and augment the open system with third-party products.
  • Select proven IT storage options and combine PXI in-chassis data recording devices with external storage systems of up to 200+ TB from the Seagate Lyve Mobile porfolio.
  • Use Data Record AD, NI’s high-performance application software, for data movement and synchronization, including APIs and plug-ins for customization and connect to KT Prelabel Tool.
Solution Advantages
  • Future-Proof Systems—Hardware and software customization, flexibility, and third-party openness
  • More Than Just a Logger—A single unified toolchain for data record, digital twin creation, data replay, software (SIL), and hardware in the loop (HIL)
  • Increased Data Quality—Instrument-grade I/O, throughput, timing and synchronization, and edge computing capabilities for smart data reduction
  • Maximum Data Security and reduced Cost of Data—Fully encrypted enterprise grade storage solution and cost-efficient Storage as a Service (STaaS) model
  • Minimum System Complexity—One system for a reduced footprint and power consumption

Data Source : NI; https://www.ni.com/zh-tw/solutions/transportation/adas-and-autonomous-driving-validation/adas-datalogger.html

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