2021 COMPUTEX Best Choice Category Award Low Power AI IP Camera SoC (RTS3916N)

The RTS3916N is a highly integrated SoC, with embedded DDR memory, Ethernet PHY, Neural Processing Unit (NPU) engine, H.264/H.265 combo encoder, audio codec, and an advanced 4th generation Image Signal Processing (ISP) engine, that offers low noise, high clarity, wide dynamics, and color preference video quality. The RTS3916N supports highly-efficient video encoding and AI encoding to save transmission bandwidth. The RTS3916N is the industry’s lowest power consumption IP Camera SoC with AI function (< 800mW), and integrates Realtek in-house AI algorithms with human/face/vehicle/skeleton detection models and Realtek in-house AEC/NS for clear two-way audio communication.
For more information on the RTS3916N, please visit: https://youtu.be/G4U31IrwRg4

Data Source : Realtek; https://www.realtek.com/en/press-room/news-releases/item/realtek-wins-two-best-choice-awards-at-computex-taipei-2021-including-a-best-choice-golden-award

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