Enter the era of the electrical revolution

Climb aboard our new generation of electric vehicles

A pioneer with a vision more than 10 years ago. A European leader today. 10 billion e-kilometres travelled, more than 30,000 employees specifically trained in electric vehicles, and innovation at the very heart of the Alliance: a unique combination that gives Renault Group the competitive edge to offer innovative, sustainable mobility solutions that generate value.

Electrification is a key priority of Renault Group’s ‘Renaulution’ plan – a strategic lever that pivots the Group’s business model towards technology and energy – as it once again becomes a precursor in the value chain of new mobilities.
Renault Group paves the way for a dawning era of automotives. A new era that can be felt quite strongly at IAA Mobility 2021 in Munich. Immersion.

“At the heart of our Renaulution strategic plan, revealed in early 2021, there is an ambition: to move from volume to value with a clear focus on electrification and master the entire electric vehicle value chain. With the All-new Megane E-TECH Electric, we are now turning this vision into reality and unveiling the first model to embody the Renaulution.”

luca de meo

CEO Renault Group

A complete industrial overhaul is underway. Strategic announcements made last June at eWays Electro Pop laid the groundwork on which we continue to drive our electric revolution: developing sustainable electric ecosystems, making bold technological decisions, and striving for future models to have a decisive competitive edge.

At the heart of this vision is a clear positioning, spearheaded by a “Made in Europe” ethos. The secret to the Renaulution lies in how we bring together our network of suppliers and partners so our brands can innovate and create value. The All-new Megane E-TECH Electric fully embodies our new strategy and sets the tone for future transformations awaiting all our brands. But beyond our new EV models, we are committed to building an unprecedented ecosystem that covers all grounds.

This begins by completely changing our industrial operations: we now cover electric vehicles in their entirety, from production to recycling. Our plants in Douai, Maubeuge, and Ruitz are the foundations of this new chapter in our history. In joining forces, they form the ‘Made in Renault’ industrial ecosystem known as ElectriCity that will also include an EV battery Gigafactory in the near future. The EV hub is located in northern France and brings Europe even closer to the heart of the Group’s strategy, all the while serving to drive the Alliance’s industrial excellence. The aim is to stimulate innovation and efficiency and thus become the most competitive production centre in this region of the world by producing 400,000 electric vehicles per year.

But that is not all. Transformation of the entire industry also brings forth new challenges: our ambition is for vehicles to last beyond their 1 millionth kilometre. In converting our historic site in Flins into our Re-Factory, we have created Europe’s leading factory dedicated to the circular economy of mobility. This is where the individual parts of your electric vehicle are given a new lease on life.

Having created a favourable environment for our next generation of electric vehicles, we can now move on to developing new technology. And with a 10-year lead in the electric vehicle sector, we are already thinking the next generation. Developed within the Alliance, we are introducing an all-new powertrain that is lighter, more compact, more powerful and, above all, more high-performing than ever. It goes hand in hand with work that goes into our vehicle platforms, which are constantly pushing the limits in terms of modularity.

Innovation is our guiding light for the near future. In manufacturing our upcoming models, ElectriCity’s assembly lines will use our two newest EV-specific modular platforms, CMF-EV and CMF-BEV. These platforms present endless creative opportunities that will benefit the entire Alliance:

  • The CMF-EV platform, used by All-new Megane E-TECH Electric, will be our new modular electric platform for C/D-segment vehicles. It will push the boundaries in terms of design, spaciousness, versatility, and also energy efficiency, without compromising on comfort or driving pleasure.
  • The CMF-BEV platform, for B-segment vehicles, will pave the way for models with an unrivalled performance-to-price ratio. Among them, the future electric versions of our iconic Renault 5 and Renault 4.

In the coming years, no fewer than 10 new EV models from Renault and Alpine will be created using our modular platforms.

IAA Mobility 2021 in Munich is an ideal opportunity for our brands Renault, Dacia, and Mobilize to each showcase a unique model that symbolises our electrical revolution. How about we show you exactly what they look like on site?

Innovation in Munich, as if you were there

Source: Renault Group, https://events.renault.com/en/2021/09/04/enter-the-era-of-the-electrical-revolution/

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