On the fast track to electromobility: 10,000 fully-electric MINIs* registered in Germany in 2021

More than one in five MINIs already fully electric +++ Nearly one in three MINIs in Germany electrified +++ MINI sales in 2021: Further growth in market share +++

Munich. “In 2021, we delivered a total of 10,140 MINI Electric (MINI Cooper SE)* vehicles to customers – that means there are already nearly 15,000 fully-electric MINI models on German roads”: The head of MINI Germany, Ulrike von Mirbach, is delighted about reaching this milestone on the road to electromobility. She presented the 10,000th MINI to its new owner, Andreas Hankel, at BMW Welt on 30 Dec. 2021, alongside Bernd Körber, head of MINI, Bernhard Kuhnt, head of Market Germany and Erwin Winterholler, managing director of the Widmann & Winterholler showroom.

“We are proud of the tremendous success the fully-electric MINI has already achieved since its market launch in March 2020,” von Mirbach continued. “This success was only possible together with our strong partners in the retail organisation.”

Germany biggest market for MINI Electric

Germany is the largest market worldwide for the fully-electric MINI from Oxford. More than one in five MINIs (23.6%) is already fully electric. The MINI Electric is the MINI family’s highest-volume derivative and played a key role for the brand in 2021, delivering growth of +132%. With the plug-in hybrid MINI Cooper SE Countryman ALL4*, overall sales of electrified models increased by over 70%, compared to the previous year. This means every third MINI (31%) is electrified.

MINI sales in 2021 – growing market share

A total of 43,004 MINI vehicles** were registered in Germany in 2021. Von Mirbach explains: “In light of the challenging supply situation, the fact that MINI sales were only 2.7% lower than the previous year represents a strong operating performance by the whole team. As a result, we were able to continue to grow MINI’s market share in the premium segment.”

MINI goes all-electric

MINI has already paved the way for tomorrow’s electric future. The fully-electric MINI Cooper SE is being built at Plant Oxford. The next generation of the MINI Countryman will also come off the production line in Leipzig as an electric model from 2023. In the same year, production of fully-electric MINI models based on a new electric-vehicle architecture will also begin in China.

“In the same way that the first Mini brought a new dimension to the mobility of the day just over 60 years ago, we are now taking the next step, by going all-electric from the early 2030s onwards,” explains von Mirbach.

As an innovative and inspiring urban brand, MINI was made for electromobility. MINI drivers appreciate the British brand’s combination of signature go-kart feeling and individual design with sustainable urban mobility. MINI has been the answer to the challenges of individual mobility since it was born in the midst of the Suez Crisis. Von Mirbach: “MINI is now, once again, tackling current challenges in the fields of mobility and climate protection and responding to them with distinctive, brand-authentic solutions for tomorrow’s driving fun.”

MINI Charging

Enthusiasm for electrified driving is sustainable, as long as everyday charging is easy and convenient: MINI Charging provides MINI drivers in Germany with flexible solutions for home and workplace charging, as well as access to one of Europe’s largest public charging networks, with more than 250,000 charging points.

Transformation – also for our customers

Since it is a new drive technology, customers require more extensive consulting for electromobility. The MINI brand is taking its customers with it on the road to electromobility. At around 200 locations in Germany, highly qualified MINI brand managers and sales representatives offer individual consulting on all topics related to electromobility, such as products, infrastructure and the customer’s personal driving profile. Extensive test drive campaigns at dealerships have helped kindle MINI customers’ enthusiasm for electromobility.

Integration into digital lifestyle

MINI is taking advantage of the possibilities of digitalisation to create intuitive operating systems and innovative new forms of customisation. The MINI app allows customers to seamlessly integrate their vehicle into their digital lifestyle. It enables drivers of electrified vehicles to use numerous e-mobility functions, such as the remaining-range display, incl. charging status, a timer for charging sessions and the air conditioning system, and convenient access to the world of MINI Charging.

*Consumption and emission data:

MINI Cooper SE: Fuel consumption combined: 0.0 l/100 km; power consumption combined: 17.6-15.2 kWh/100 km WLTP, CO2 emissions combined: 0 g/km.

MINI Cooper SE Countryman ALL4: Fuel consumption combined: 2.0-1.7 l/100 km; power consumption combined: 14.0-13.1 kWh/100 km; CO2 emissions combined: 45-40 g/km.

**     based on provisional registration figures for 2022 (KBA).

Source: BMW Group, https://www.press.bmwgroup.com/global/article/detail/T0363493EN/on-the-fast-track-to-electromobility:-10-000-fully-electric-minis-registered-in-germany-in-2021

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