MIH Consortium and the Autoware Foundation join forces to accelerate the development of electrified autonomous vehicles

Co-operation brings the development of automotive-grade implementations 

This year at CES 2022, MIH Consortium and the Autoware Foundation along with Tier IV, one of the key members of both AWF and MIH and an open-source autonomous driving leader will exhibit and showcase an autonomous driving system reference implementation of the Autoware Open AD Kit and its integration with the MIH Open EV Platform.

MIH Consortium and the Autoware Foundation have formed alliance to accelerate the development of an integrated solution for electrified autonomous vehicles. MIH Consortium is the first in creating an Open EV Platform to lower entry barriers, shorten development cycles and accelerate innovation in the mobility industry, and Autoware is the first “all-in-one” open-source software for autonomous vehicles. The AD/ADAS working group within the MIH Consortium is chaired by Tier IV, the creator of Autoware and a founding member of the Autoware Foundation.

“Autoware’s open-source software is becoming a key building block in the development of autonomous driving. The collaborative open platform development structure of MIH aligns extremely well with objectives of the Autoware Foundation,” said Shinpei Kato, Chairman, Board of Directors of the Autoware Foundation and CTO of Tier IV. “We believe that this fits well with our recent announcement of the Autoware Open AD Kit. AWF will offer reference implementations of the Open Autonomous Driving Development Kit (Open AD Kit) based on Autoware open source software and the complementary technology and solutions enabled by the Autoware ecosystem. Through the collaboration with MIH in its Autonomous Driving Working Group, MIH will define the requirements for automotive grade AD solutions, and when automotive grade solutions based on Open AD Kit become available, these solutions will be integrated into the AD/ADAS of MIH Open EV Platform and used by developers to implement commercial AD applications. ”

Jack Cheng, CEO of MIH Consortium said “In the next generation of mobility, user-centricity is the key. To enable developers to innovate and create great user experience and applications, we must work towards a Software-Defined Vehicles future by realizing the Open EV Platform vision. MIH is excited to join force with the Autoware Foundation in the area of autonomous driving. Together, we will build the next generation of mobility to transform the automotive industry.”

Source: MIH Consortium, https://www.mih-ev.org/en/news-info/?id=740

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