AMPA DigitalGo open today Experience the online exhibition cross the national border

The latest automotive digital show concept kicks off today, bringing the industry a whole new perspective and a different method of doing business in today’s world. While a physical Taipei AMPA show will still take place from April 20 to 23, the digital show, better known as AMPA DigitalGo, will bring thousands of visitors from all over the world to visit the 180 exhibitors and their products and services at the digital show from now until April 24.

Graph1 AMPA DigitalGo exhibitors can choose and decorate their own booth, and uplaod the information of their products.

AMPA DigitalGo is a unique digital platform for the automotive industry, featuring a virtual lobby, the latest products in 3D inside virtual booths, product and exhibitor search functions, as well as chatting and messaging capabilities, making it easier for buyers and exhibitors to discuss business sales and other matters without the hassle of time zones and border controls. Buyers can see the newest parts and accessories for automobiles and motorcycles, electronics for the automotive industry, and also electric vehicle and smart transportation products to keep up with the current global trends in real time.

Graph2 AMPA DigitalGo is not only a online display plaform, also provide multiple services for buyers and exhibitors to have procurement meetings more efficiently.

Additionally, all visitors at Taipei AMPA and AMPA DigitalGo will have access to media content on AMPA TV, the official YouTube channel of Taipei AMPA ( Visitors can view new products making their industry debut in the New Product Unboxing series, know more about the DigitalGo exhibitors in the AMPA Quick Check short intro videos, and even get a live tour of the physical Taipei AMPA show. Registration for AMPA DigitalGo and Taipei AMPA is still ongoing; interested buyers can visit the Taipei AMPA website ( to register, and get more information about the show and the surrounding events.

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