The new EQE: at a glance

Depending on the onboard equipment and configuration, WLTP operating ranges of up to 654 kilometres[1] are possible.

The torque delivered to the wheels by the eATS (electric drivetrain) is checked 10,000 times per minute and adjusted if necessary. This enables a much quicker response in the later versions with 4MATIC than with mechanical all-wheel drive.

The EQE is available with rear-axle steering as an option. Two versions are available, with a steering angle of up to 4.5 degress[2]and up to 10 degrees respectively. The turning circle is reduced from 12.5 to up to 10.7 metres with 10° rear-axle steering.

The electric motor on the rear axle has 2 windings with 3 phases each. This 6-phase design makes this permanently excited synchronous motor (PSM) particularly powerful.

DIGITAL LIGHT (optional extra) has a light module in each headlamp with three extremely bright LEDs whose light is refracted and directed with the help of 1.3 million micro mirrors. The resolution is therefore more than 2.6 million pixels per vehicle.

Mercedes me Charge[3] has one of the densest charging networks, with around 700,000 charging points, including more than 300,000 in Europe.

With the MBUX Hyperscreen, multiple displays merge seamlessly to create an impressive curved screen band over 141 centimetres wide. The area perceived by the occupants measures 2432.11 sq. cm.

The large glass covering the MBUX Hyperscreen is curved in three dimensions in a moulding process at temperatures of approx. 650°C. This process allows a distortion-free view of the display unit across the entire width of the vehicle, irrespective of the radius of the glass cover.

A lithium-ion battery with 10 cell modules is installed in the EQE. In the case of the battery, a major step has been achieved in terms of the sustainability of the cell chemistry: the optimised active material consists of nickel, cobalt and manganese in a ratio of 8:1:1.

The optional driving sound of the EQE is interactive and reacts to a good dozen different parameters such as the position of the accelerator pedal, speed or recuperation.

No.6 MOOD bittersweet is the name of the fragrance composed especially for the EQE, based on the aroma of dark chocolate. It bears the number 6 because the first electric cars were added to the model range in 1906 in the form of the “Mercédès Electrique” vehicles.

To get to the most important applications of MBUX, the user has to scroll through 0 menu levels. Hence the term zero layer.

The screen of the optionally available head-up display has a diagonal of 29 inches. A virtual image, in colour, appears to float above the bonnet at a distance of about 4.5 metres.

The HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filter as part of the optional ENERGIZING AIR CONTROL Plus, with a volume of 9.82 dm³, cleans the incoming outside air at its very high filtration level. Up to 99.75 percent of particles are separated out. Around 600 grams of activated charcoal are used to neutralise odours. The adsorption area is equivalent to about 150 football fields.

For haptic feedback during operation, a total of 12 actuators are located under the touchscreen surfaces of the MBUX Hyperscreen. If a finger touches certain spots there, they trigger a tangible vibration in the cover plate.

The EQE is also one of the first vehicles to be built with steel from Salzgitter AG, which is 100 percent recycled. This reduces the COemissions in rolled steel production by more than 60 percent.

A coating on the glass cover simplifies cleaning of the MBUX Hyperscreen. The curved glass itself consists of particularly scratch-resistant aluminium silicate.

8 CPU cores, 24 GB RAM and 46.4 GB per second RAM memory bandwidth are some of the MBUX technical data.

A DC box with a charging capacity of up to 170 kW is fitted on board for (fast) charging via direct current. In 15 minutes it is possible to charge the EQE with up to 35.55 kWh – this corresponds to a range of up to 250 kilometres based on the WLTP range[4].

The brightness of the MBUX Hyperscreen’s screen is adjusted to the ambient conditions using the measurement data from 1 multifunction camera plus 1 light sensor.

With up to seven profiles, the display area of the MBUX Hyperscreen for the front passenger can be individualised.

“Hey Mercedes” supports 27 languages with Natural Language Understanding (NLU).

For high noise and vibration comfort, the electric drivetrains (eATS) have a special foam mat all around as an NVH cover. The lid of the inverter has a sandwich construction of 3 metal and plastic layers.

The battery certificate stands for the long service life of the high-voltage batteries. It is valid up to a term of ten years or up to 250,000 kilometres.

[1] Range and electrical consumption have been determined on the basis of Commission Regulation (EC) No. 2017/1151/EU.

[2] 3.6 degrees in the case of the Mercedes-AMG EQE 43 4MATIC (WLTP: combined electrical consumption: 22.5-19.7 kWh/100 km; combined CO2 emissions: 0 g/km; electrical consumption is calculated on the basis of Commission Regulation (EC) No. 692/2008) and Mercedes-AMG EQE 53 4MATIC+ (provisional figures WLTP: combined electrical consumption: 23.2‑20.3 kWh/100 km; combined CO2 emissions: 0 g/km; Data on electrical consumption and range are provisional and were determined internally in accordance with the “WLTP test procedure” certification method. Confirmed TÜV figures, EC type approval and certificate of conformity with official figures are not yet available. Differences between the stated figures and the official figures are possible.)

[3] In order to allow use of the Mercedes me connect service “Mercedes me Charge”, a separate charging contract with a selected third-party provider is required for charging payment and billing purposes. A personal Mercedes me ID and agreement to the Terms of Use for the Mercedes me connect services are required for use of the Mercedes me connect services.

[4] Range and electrical consumption have been determined on the basis of Commission Regulation (EC) No. 2017/1151/EU.

Source: Mercedes-Benz Group AG,–figures.xhtml?oid=53001954

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