Wall boxes from Elli can now also be ordered in Italy, Sweden and Spain

  • Uncomplicated, independent and economical: three user-friendly wall box models for electric vehicles of all manufacturers 
  • Three transparent charging tariffs, each with fixed prices per kilowatt hour

The Volkswagen subsidiary Elli, which has Group-wide responsibility for all activities relating to the topic of charging and energy, is expanding its offer. The three brand-neutral wall box models are now also available in Italy, Sweden and Spain, following on from Germany. All chargers allow charging at home with a maximum charging capacity of 11 kW and are therefore up to eight times faster than a household socket. Three flexible and transparent charging tariffs are offered. The “Drive Highway” tariff for long-distance drivers has already been hailed in Germany as “the cheapest charging tariff from an independent provider” by the Europe-wide market analysis “E-Mobility Excellence Comparison 2022”.

The three wall box models from Elli are called “Standard”, “Connect” and “Pro”. They are compatible with current and future electric vehicles of the Volkswagen brands as well as all cars from other manufacturers with a Type-2 connector. Other common features include a charging capacity of up to 11 kW and an integrated 4.5 or 7.5 metre long charging cable. The Connect and Pro charger models connect to the Internet via WiFi – optionally also via LTE. This means that users can also control the wall box when on the move. What’s more, these two models can also be activated via app or charging card for particular users. In the case of the Pro charger, the app also shows all charging processes in an overview and allows a corresponding PDF file to be exported

Customers in Germany can conveniently order the Elli wall charging stations on the internet: Elli Wallbox online bestellen | Elli Shop | Elli – Empowering electric life. The wall boxes are now also offered in Italy, Sweden and Spain, which is a logical step for Simon Löffler, CCO of Elli: “Elli sees itself as an

independent full-service provider of charging and energy solutions that customers of all brands can use. We are therefore expanding the distribution of our wall box offer and taking this service to other European countries.”

Customers who need assistance to install the wall box can request this on an individual basis from Elli. For example, if additional modifications (such as to masonry or fuse boxes) or cables are necessary, Elli can provide a portfolio of installation partners designated for this purpose.

Next to Elli wall boxes customers can also choose between one of the three charging tariffs from Elli whenever they don’t charge at home but on the road. The transparent tariff model provides affordable access to more than 330,000 charging points throughout Europe, including 10,000 fast chargers at over 3,000 locations. Cost transparency is assured thanks to fixed prices per kilowatt hour, independently of the respective charging station operator. The price structure is based on user charging habits: “Drive Free”, “Drive City” and “Drive Highway” are geared towards drivers who need to charge their vehicles rarely, frequently or quickly. Changing to a higher tariff is possible at any time. The “Drive Highway” tariff has already been hailed as the “cheapest charging tariff from an independent provider in 2022”. Based on the model calculation of the Europe-wide market analysis “E-Mobility Excellence Comparison 2022”, it offers the best price-performance ratio.

The charging models for the individual Volkswagen Group charging services – SEAT and CUPRA Easy Charging, Powerpass and Volkswagen We Charge – were standardised in spring this year as part of the NEW AUTO strategy and can be accessed via this link: https://www.elli.eco/en/mobility-service-provider

Source: Volkswagen, https://www.volkswagen-newsroom.com/en/press-releases/wall-boxes-from-elli-can-now-also-be-ordered-in-italy-sweden-and-spain-8068

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