Decarbonization Imperatives Drive the Mobility Industry to Innovate Towards ‘Zero’

Decarbonizing transport – which accounts for almost a quarter of the world’s global greenhouse gas emissions – has become a priority as countries work to achieve

their climate change targets and strive towards the goal of net-zero emissions by 2050.  Cutting-edge technology and the new sharing economy have catalyzed this quest, while propelling the mobility value chain in the direction of a sustainable and clean energy future.

Frost & Sullivan’s 14th Annual Intelligent Mobility Summit slated to be held on September 7-8, 2022, will explore how the industry is transforming “Towards a Sustainable Future.”  Panel discussions and presentations over the two-day virtual event will cover four main themes, including “Zero Emission Vehicles: Decarbonization Driving Sustainable Mobility.”

Curated sessions will examine the implications of the automotive industry’s transition from “molecules to electrons” and the impacts of new vehicle platforms and business models on the future of urban mobility. Key agenda topics for discussion include:

  • The evolution of powertrain technology to support industry decarbonization ambitions
  • Developments in battery technologies, charging infrastructure, and future networked energy systems
  • New vehicle platforms and alliances disrupting industry business models
  • Strategies to unlock next generation customer experiences and drive the smart city ecosystem
  • Circular economy concepts to reduce resource consumption, increase supply chain resilience, and deliver on the net-zero promise

As the mobility ecosystem innovates towards a ‘zero’ vision, outcomes will include low/zero emission transport, carbon neutral manufacturing and supply chains, and new business models and partnership strategies.  

This and more such interesting topics will be discussed at Frost & Sullivan’s 14th Annual Intelligent Mobility Summit 2022. To know more or to register, click here.

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