FEV Consulting and Mitsubishi Corporation Establish the Joint Venture ”Beyond Materials”

Aachen, Germany– FEV Consulting (FEV), a top management consultancy, and Mitsubishi Corporation (MC), a globally integrated business enterprise, are combining their industrial material capabilities, industry expertise and network with the formation of “Beyond Materials”. The joint venture establishes a specialized strategy and engineering service provider advising and supporting material suppliers on their path to global and sustainable growth. The customer-centric consulting services cover the areas of market research, strategy and product development, implementation support, and scalable digital solutions. “Beyond Materials” will be headquartered in Tokyo, Japan.

The world of materials is developing rapidly. The requirements on future product designs and the underlying materials are becoming more sophisticated and diverse due to societal demands, such as decarbonization and realization of a circular economy. This is when “Beyond Materials” comes into play.

“When navigating our customers towards global and sustainable growth we are not limited to advisory services around the material itself and the typical value chain – we go beyond existing structures and processes in the material industry,” said     Tetsushi Abe, Executive President of “Beyond Materials” located in Japan. “We think and act beyond the conventional material supplier / customer relationship and grow and enhance our customer’s product portfolios as well as organizations by offering them a set of holistic and scalable solutions.”

For over three years, FEV and MC have jointly been laying out preliminary work to develop services targeting the material industry. The collaboration has enabled both parties to confirm that FEV and MC share similar values in dedicating themselves to addressing these challenges faced by modern societies – and in helping to realize a sustainable society by providing necessary functions to the material industry.

Beyond Materials’ range of services

FEV contributes intelligence on applications and customer requirements, engineering, broad application and product know-how. Furthermore, MC contributes its global network and broad experience in the material industry. By combining this strong set of complementary capabilities, “Beyond Materials” is able to provide tailormade solutions for the vast range of customer specific challenges and problems and builds a bridge between the material suppliers and product manufacturers.

“Our team consists of experienced management consultants specializing on application technologies, business and product portfolio strategies in the material industry. Additionally, we have functional material experts with broad experience on chemical products as well as metals, ceramics, composites and others,” said Johannes Houben, Executive Vice President of “Beyond Materials” located in Germany. “This helps us to bridge the two worlds – materials and high-tech applications, and provide valuable insights not only about the ’what‘ and ’why’ but actually go beyond that, and explain the ’how’.”

Source: FEV Group

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