Panasonic Energy’s New EV Battery Facility in Kansas will initially produce 30 GWh

New facility will continue to boost battery production in North America

Osaka, Japan – Panasonic Energy Co., Ltd., a Panasonic Group company, will
begin construction in November 2022 of its new facility that will produce cylindrical Li-ion batteries for electric vehicles (EV). The facility in De Soto, Kansas will be the Company’s second EV battery facility in the U.S., following the Panasonic Energy of North America (PENA) facility in Sparks, Nevada.

Initially, the new manufacturing facility in Kansas will expand the existing production of Panasonic’s
2170 EV batteries, which are currently in high demand from customers. Launching the facility with
2170 batteries ensures Panasonic can begin fulfilling customer orders quickly. Mass production is
targeted to begin by the end of March 2025, with the initial production capacity of the new facility
expected to be 30 GWh. In a phased approach, the Company will continue to strengthen its lineup of
EV batteries and expand its production capacity in North America.

“As the global shift to EVs accelerates, we are looking into ways to strengthen our battery production capacity in North America and meet the growing demand from our automotive partners,” said Kazuo Tadanobu, President, CEO of Panasonic Energy Co., Ltd. “With our superior technology and extensive experience, we will drive the growth of the Li-ion battery industry, accelerate our efforts to achieve zero emissions in the future, and work toward our mission of achieving a society in which the pursuit of happiness and a sustainable environment are harmonized.”

Source: Panasonic

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