Tier IV and Unity Start Collaboration to Develop Digital Twin Oriented Autonomous Driving Simulator

Tier IV, Inc. (“Tier IV”) and Unity Technologies Japan K.K. (“Unity Technologies, Japan”) will begin joint development and research on a digital twin-oriented autonomous driving simulator (AWSIM). We will let you know.

In this collaboration, we will mainly focus on the following items through the development of 3D simulators using Unity.

  • Research on refinement, diversification, and acceleration for autonomous driving in LiDAR sensor model (*) and camera sensor model
  • Problem extraction and improvement of simulator for autonomous driving using Unity

*The LiDAR sensor model also utilizes Unity SystemGraph (SensorSDK) included in the Unity Industrial Collection provided by Unity. Please note that the Unity Industrial Collection is a paid developer license and is not supported by Tier IV.

Through this collaboration, Tier IV and Unity Technologies Japan will contribute to improving the efficiency of autonomous driving software development in companies and institutions around the world.

For information and inquiries about Unity products, please refer to the following page.

Unity Industrial Collection: https://unity.com/ja/products/unity-industrial-collection

Unity SystemGraph (SensorSDK): https://unity.com/ja/features/unity-systemgraph

*Autoware is a registered trademark of The Autoware Foundation.

Source: TIER IV, INC.

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