CCell wins Power System Product of the Year at Elektra Awards

CCell is reversing global coastal erosion by accelerating the growth of new coral reefs using renewable energy and Vicor power modules

CCell, whose mission is to combat coastal erosion by working in harmony with marine habitats, won the 2022 Elektra Award for Power System Product of the Year last night in London – beating out 13 competing entries. CCell, based in the United Kingdom, is committed to mitigating coastal erosion by maintaining an eco-friendly approach to saving coastal environments and protecting communities around the world.

Over 51% of global coastlines are being eroded due to climate change, which is gradually undermining coastal communities and their livelihoods. CCell, using renewable energy and innovative power conversion technology, induces electrolysis of seawater to combat erosion and save communities. 

CCell uses Vicor’s Factorized Power Architecture to manage the wide input voltage derived from wave and solar power sources and deliver the output voltage required for an optimum electrolysis process. This power module forms part of a platform, called CCell Sense, which also enables the remote real-time monitoring of marine ecosystems to restore habitats and the health of near-shore ocean environments. CCell’s reef growing system is based on the electrolysis of seawater to deposit calcium carbonate (limestone) on large steel frames which function as anodes and cathodes (electrodes) and give the new reef its early structure. The technique is revolutionary in that instead of hundreds of years, it takes just four months to produce incredibly strong limestone rock on which coral can grow.

“It’s an honor to be selected for this award and be recognized for this work which we at CCell are so passionate about,” said Dr. Will Bateman, CEO of CCell.  “We are fortunate to work with some very innovative partners and Vicor has been indispensable. They help us deliver the precise power needed to enable limestone to form enduring, sustainable digital living barrier reefs.”

Source : Vicor

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