Toyota starts production of 5th generation hybrid powertrain in Europe

Toyota Motor Europe (TME) has announced the start of production of its 5th generation hybrid powertrains for the new Corolla. The latest Toyota hybrid electric low-emission powertrains will be made at Toyota Motor Manufacturing Poland (TMMP) and Toyota Motor Manufacturing UK (TMUK) for the new Corollas manufactured at TMUK and Toyota Motor Manufacturing Turkey (TMMT).

The start of production of 5th generation hybrid engines and transmissions follows the upgrade of seven production lines supported by new investments of €77million and €541 thousand (1) at the plants in Poland and the UK respectively.

TMMP produces hybrid electric transmissions including the MG1 and MG2 motors, integral electrical components of hybrid transmission.(2) These products will be combined with the new 1.8 litre gasoline engine produced at TMUK to form the 5th generation hybrid electric powertrain.

This 5th generation Toyota hybrid technology has lighter, more compact and higher-powered electric motors, which increases the electric drive ratio in the hybrid system. As a result of improved engine calibrations, the vehicle has more power, better overall performance and drivability resulting in lower  CO2 emissions for the 1.8 litre version. The total power of hybrid drive system with the 1.8 litre engine is 140hp, reducing the 0-100km/h acceleration time by 1.7 seconds, to 9.2 seconds.(3)  

The new 5th generation hybrid electric powertrain replaces the 4th generation systems previously produced at TMMP and TMUK since 2018 and 2016 respectively. During this time TME has accelerated its investments in hybrid technology, and in the last four years, the overall electrified mix in the total Toyota’s European sales has grown from 30% to 66%.

(1)   GBP 465,000 and PLN 360 million

(2)   The MG1 is an auxiliary motor, called “generator” which acts as a starter for the gasoline engine, generates electricity to power the MG2 motor and charges battery. The MG2 is the main electric motor that drives the wheels using current generated by the MG1 and the battery. It also recoups part of kinetic energy generated by breaking and deceleration, so the hybrid drive consumes less fuel compared to a conventional drive

(3)  All data is tentative and subject for homologation

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