Axiado Samples World’s First AI-Driven Security Processors

Single-chip trusted control/compute unit (TCU) provides theindustry’s most robust, hardware-anchored solution for detectingcyberattacks on next-generation servers in data centers, 5Ginfrastructure, and network switches

COMPUTEX 2023 — Axiado Corporation, an AI-enhanced hardware cybersecurity company, todayintroduced the AX3000 and AX2000 trusted control/compute units(TCUs), the world’s first fully integrated AI-driven hardware securityplatform solutions designed to help detect cybersecurity andransomware attacks on next-generation servers and infrastructureelements in cloud datacenters, 5G networks, and network switches.Samples of AX3000/AX2000 TCUs are available now.

Axiado’s TCU comes to market at a time when cybercrime andransomware attacks are skyrocketing. According to CybersecurityVentures, it’s expected that cybercrime will cost the world economyaround $10.5 trillion annually. Estimates suggest in 2022 aransomware attack took place successfully every 40 seconds, withan attempt nearly every 11 seconds,according to DataProt.

Residing in the lowest layer of the hardware stack and integratingall security functions within a single SoC or module, the Axiado TCU effectively acts as a “last line of defense,” even when all othernetwork functions have been compromised. The TCU detects andstops ongoing attacks and recovers the system from an attack byisolating it from the network.

The Axiado AX3000/AX2000 TCUs represent a new category offorensic-enabled cybersecurity processors that are designed toenhance existing Zero-Trust models. TCUs combine silicon, AI anddata collection, and software into a compact, power-efficient SoCwith unique AI functionality explicitly designed for security. Thesingle-chip solution is rooted in real-time and proactive AI with pre-emptive threat detection and comprehensive protection, providedby a dedicated coprocessor that allows manufacturers to buildsafe, secure, and resilient solutions by design and default.

The TCU platform has capabilities never available before. Housed ina 23 x 23 BGA SoC and drawing under 5W, the TCU features adistributed hardware security manager with anti-tamper and anti-counterfeit hardware, and a control/management plane SmartNICnetwork interface controller that includes platform and tenantvirtualization. It also offers protection from ransomware and side-channel attacks, such as differential power analysis, voltageglitching and clock manipulation that are used to extractcryptographic keys.

The TCU relies extensively on AI-based real-time threat mitigationwith forensic-enabled hardware fingerprints as well as platformmonitoring and optimization (clocks/voltages/temp) using AI andmachine learning. The SoC include Root of Trust (RoT), a baseboardmanagement controller (BMC), a trusted platform module (TPM), ahardware security module, SmartNIC, firewall, and AI and machinelearning.

“This is a major step forward in our vision to provide comprehensive,AI-driven platform security in a single-chip SoC,” said Gopi Sirineni, President and CEO, Axiado. “Our TCU is a game changer thatdelivers a lower cost of ownership than any other alternative in themarket. We look forward to collaborating with ODMs/OEMs, cloudservice providers, and the entire security ecosystem to help makethe world’s digital infrastructure safer and more secure.”

“There are multiple market pressure points we are grappling withwhen it comes to cloud computing,” said Patrick Moorhead,Founder, CEO, and Chief Analyst at Moor Insights & Strategy. “Findingways to protect against the endemic ransomware trend, the movetowards modular server systems as driven by OCP and the naturalintegration of functions in silicon SOCs sets us up for a new wave ofinnovation in silicon and systems. I believe, Axiado is well positionedto shine in the new world that takes zero trust security to the nextlevel.”

“We are very pleased to have Axiado actively participate inthe Open Compute Project (OCP) Community by taking the OCPapproved Datacenter Secure Control Module Specification (DC-SCM)
and build a product compliant with this specification,” saidGeorge Tchaparian, CEO, OCP. “Axiado’s innovative securityplatform is a perfect example of how OCP’s open specificationsmake hyperscale DC operator-led innovation available to all.Similarly, adopters from all corners of the market can now easilydeploy OCP’s DC-SCM standard.”

Demo at Computex 2023

Axiado will demonstrate AX3000/AX2000 TCUs leveraging its AI-driven hardware security platform on a DC-SCM 2.0 server. Thisdemonstration will be at Computex 2023 in Taipei, Taiwan from May30-June 2, 2023.


Axiado is currently sampling its AX3000/AX2000 TCUs to early-access partners in servers, wireless base stations, wired securityappliances, centralized, and distributed infrastructure, and next-generation smart edge gateways. The AX2000 TCU provides a cost-effective advanced platform security option, while the AX3000adds runtime protection and AI-based automation. Axiado alsooffers AX3000/AX2000 TCUs in a Smart-SCM security module thatis compliant with the Open Compute Project (OCP) datacenter-ready secure control module (DC-SCM) standard. Samples ofAX3000 and AX2000 are available now. Contact Axiado or registerfor a development kit today.

Supporting Quotes

Jas Tremblay, V ice President and G eneral M anager , Data CenterSolutions Group, Broadcom “We are pleased to see Axiado bring its new TCU securityprocessors to market, where it’s critical to provide data centers withthe most advanced cybersecurity tools available. Security and AI-intensive technology is important to the data center, where securitythreats are a great concern for companies. The Axiado TCU platformis the next step to delivering the cybersecurity tools the marketneeds.”
Michael Lee, SVP of Engineering, Accton Technology Corporation.
“Networking applications are required to have stringent securityrequirements. A compact integrated platform security solution withopen-source software is needed to enable next generation ToRswitching for both enterprise and data center applications. Workingwith a disruptive technology such as the one from Axiado will makeour end solution more compelling to our end customers.” Richard Liu, General Manager of Enterprise Solutions BU, ASUSTekComputer Inc.

Source : Axiado

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