Jointly pushing forward premium e-mobility experience: Mercedes-Benz and BMW to establish a joint high-power charging network in China

  • Elevating the premium e-mobility experience in China, the first stations are planned to begin operating in 2024 in top NEV regions.
  • Until end of 2026, at least 1,000 stations nationwide with around 7,000 charging piles are targeted to be installed.
  • The joint venture will offer a seamless digital experience to customers of Mercedes-Benz Group and BMW Group with exclusive features such as plug & charge and online reservation.
  • Its premium charging network will be open to the public, delivering a reliable, convenient customer experience in charging availability, speed and quality.

Mercedes-Benz Group China Ltd. and BMW Brilliance Automotive Ltd. announced today that they had reached an agreement to establish a 50:50 joint venture in China to operate a high-power charging network and to provide Chinese customers with premium charging services.

Both Mercedes-Benz and BMW will apply the expertise gained from global and Chinese charging operations, as well as the in-depth understanding of the Chinese new energy vehicle (NEV) market, to deliver fast, convenient, reliable and tailor-made charging solutions for the Chinese market. The cooperation is intended to elevate customer public charging experience.

The joint venture aims to establish a network of at least 1,000 high-power charging stations with around 7,000 high-power charging piles by the end of 2026, adopting state-of-the-art charging technologies. The stations are expected to open for business in 2024 in top NEV regions, with further stations to be installed nationwide.

The premium charging network will be open to the broader public, while it is intended that customers of Mercedes-Benz Group and BMW Group will be able to enjoy a series of exclusive features, such as plug & charge and online reservation for a seamless digital experience. The joint venture intends to procure electricity generated from renewable sources, where conditions allow, to create a sustainable and eco-friendly charging experience.

The deal is subject to approval by regulatory authorities.


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