Gigasolar Front Ag Paste for Photovoltaic Cells 620 series

  • High conductivity and good reaction with SiNx; the efficiency can be gained about 0.2%.

Item Description

[ Product Features ] 

  1.   High adhesion capacity (> 3N/mm)
  2.   High soldering capacity
  3.   High compatibility with Si-wafer
  4.   High quality printing capability
  5.   High compatibility with Aluminum paste
  6.  Lead free

“We offer service sincerely for our customers, and we emphasize that customers are our top priority”. We not only pay attention to pre-sales communication, but also believe that it is the beginning of service while our goods reach to the customers.

Front side silver paste: High conduction and good reaction to SiNx; the efficiency can be promoted about 0.2%.

Photovoltaic Aluminum paste: Result a uniform BSF and strong combination to Si-wafer; the Voc and Isc were increased so that the efficiency can be promoted about 0.1% than other same commercial products.

Rear side conductor silver paste:Good suitability with the above pastes; high combinative force with ribbon, which greater than other same commercial products.


Supplier Info


GIGA SOLAR MATERIALS CORP. was used to be the Solar Energy Materials Chemical Div. in GIGASTORAGE CORPORATION. Since 2006, an R&D technical team led by Dr.Chen Jiren of GIGASTORAGE, combining with the high-efficiency solar energy technology from Solar Power Center of Industrial Technology Research Institute(ITRI), coorperative plan of Material Dept. of the ITRI and the guidance program of Industrial Development Bureau, started to develop conductive pastes (front Ag, rear Ag, Rear Al) that were applicable to sloar cells. The company is located in the Hsinchu Industrial District in Hsinchu county.

After conducting innumerable experiments, in 2007 we successfully developed the rear Al paste which soon became a hit in the market for the new product improved efficiency and reduced the warp. Since 2008 it has tapped into Taiwan and China market which used to be exclusively occupied by alien corporations.

In Oct. 2008, the capital & technology of PV Materials Chemical Div. were separated to become a subsidiary of GIGASTORAGE, and later in Nov. it was renamed as GIGA SOLAR MATERIALS CORP., a professional manufacturer of PV conductive paste.

We place emphasis on the image of innovation, service, quality and technology, and under the leading of our executive team, we spare no effort to implement our management philosophy as “Teamwork & Collaboration, Excellent Product Quality, Sincere Service, and Embracing Nature.” We concentrate on the R&D of materials, and as the rear Al paste, rear Ag paste and front Ag paste are fully under mass production and sales in a wide range, we receive a high valuation from users for the good quality and image and consequently earn our place in this industrial field.

GIGA SOLAR (used to be the Opto-Electronic Material Div. in GIGASTORAGE) has a strong background in material development. The core technology includes material, organic polymers and chemistry. Ever since 2006, we have been participating in the project led by Ministry of Economic Affairs to develop conductive paste for PV cells. After the verification by domestic top manufacturers of PV cells, we started mass production and kept making improvement. So far the products of conductive paste including rear Al, rear Ag and front Ag have reached maturity and been sold all over the world such as Asia, European and American markets and consequently our company increases the name recognition as well as the market share.

The core value of our PV conductive paste lies in the customized design of material formula. The technology includes organic chemistry, inorganic materials, mechatronic science, fine-line printing, high temperature sintering, chemical reaction and etc. We will focus on the R&D of manufacturing process regarding the thinning of thin-film-base PV cells, low warp, high adhesive force, lead free and etc. Since our products demonstrate outstanding performance and can help increase the conversion efficiency, they have been adopted by top manufacturers at home and abroad.

As for our future R&D direction, aside from the improvement in several properties such as thinning & high electrical conductivity of the current products to reinforce the paste for PV cells, we would develop some special materials for paste vertically and materials for the energy-saving industry horizontally. While at the same time we will dedicate ourselves to the development of solar power stations at home and abroad. Since the power station has stable economic scale with fixed return on investment every year, we would make a thorough connection of the upstream/downstream PV industry.

Our unique business approach “design of material formula” and “service of integrating the manufacturing process” can help us customize the design-in material, serve customers’ needs promptly, and even work on the downstream product-testing equipment to provide an integrated service for the whole manufacturing process. With the consistent goal between the executive team and all the employees, we will keep making every effort to produce an utmost profit as well as corporate value for all the shareholders.


“Quality is the essence of Giga Solar”. We strive for continuous improvement in product quality and production efficiency, because we believe “quality is thebest competitive strategy”.


To maintain a competitive edge, our strategy is always to step ahead of the current technology and making breakthrough to fulfill customers’ needs, as that being our driving force of sustainable management and continuous self-improvement.


As technology progress by the minute, we strive making our products to become the industry’s standard not only to our existing customers but also to expand our clientele.


“Customer-oriented service” is the core of Giga Solar; we value not only the  communication before sales, but also firmly believe the philosophy of “the beginning of our service starts after the delivery of products”.