Piezo Electric Sounder Self Drive DC Type (Pin) PT-1240FPQ

Material and Weight
Housing ABS 777D UL94HB plastic resin
Color Black
Pin Tin Plated Brass
Weights (g) 1.0

Item Description

Electrical Characteristics
Oscillation Frequency 4.1 ± 0.5 KHz
Operation Voltage 3 ~ 16 Vdc
Rated Voltage 12 Vdc
Current Consumption (Max.) 10 at Rated Voltage mA
Sound Pressure Level (Min.) 75 at 10 cm at Rated Voltage dB
Operating Temperature -20 ~ +90 °C
Storage Temperature -30 ~ +100 °C
Wave soldering conditions 260 ± 5 / within 5 sec °C
Manual soldering conditions 350 ± 20 / within 5 sec °C



頻響曲線 Typical Frequency Response Curve

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Founded in 1983, Hitpoint Inc. the name was quickly made in the field of piezo electric sounder manufacturing. By always providing customers with products and services of superior quality, the company has rapidly become one of major supplier of sounding elements in the world.

Over the years the company has achieved a high rate of growth through continuous investment in product development, and has successfully diversified into the manufacture of computer、auto、electronic and machinery related products. Hitpoint is well aware that our long term success based on:

(1) our ability to develop new products on a regular basis
(2) our ability to provide superior service to our customers

The quality of our products are recognized through the industry. The recent implementation of an upgraded quality management system ensure that our high quality will be maintained in the future. Besides, we are not only providing a wide range of products, we are also offering customized products and services for the special needs.

Business Scope

Electronic Product:Piezo Electric Buzzers, Piezo Sounders, Piezo Sirens, Magnetic Transducers, Horn Speakers, Horn Sirens, Piezo Elements、OEM/ ODM/ Joint-Design。