Ultracapacitor Modules CP-1.38F-180V-A

DC 200V Ultracapacitor Module

Can be used in KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System) for electric bus to make maximum benefit .

In theory, if the back electromotive force (e.m.f) of motor breaking wants to generate energy:

1.Need to set up electrical resistance.

2.Energy is wasted on heat consumption.

3.Produce extra heat.

Ultracapacitor module in parallel connection can reuse the energy made by back  e.m.f, also cut the cost of setting electrical resistance, and decrease heat.

Item Description

Primary Applications:
    • Electric Bus

    • Supplement extra electric current to provide high power
    • Recycle and reuse energy produced by back e.m.f.
    • Cut down the cost of resistance setting
    • Reduce the heat

      • Product number : CP-1.38F-180V-A


      • Capacity : 1.38F


      • Rated Voltage : 180V


Maximum Voltage : 200V


      • ESR (AC) : <450mΩ


      • Maximum Current : 54A/Sec.


Short-circuit current : 180A/Sec.


      • Cycle Life(25℃) : 500,000 times


      • Operation Temp. : -40 ~ +65℃


Storage Temp. :-40 ~ +70℃


      • Size : L*W*H 160 x 269 x 62mm

Weight : 2.9 KG

Supplier Info

Inner Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

Inner Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to promoting green energy source of environmental protection, specializing in super capacitor module, lithium iron phosphate battery modules, system integration experts.


The installation of super capacitor module can reduce the cost of production line equipment and reduce the output current of the power supply equipment. The additional power of the super capacitor module can increase the production efficiency of the production line, and can effectively save the electricity bill.


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◎ High-voltage super capacitor has been imported into Taiwanese panel makers to replace the original Japanese super capacitor module.
◎ clean room monitoring equipment using 24V100Ah lithium iron battery, safe and reliable without maintenance.

◎ inverter manufacturers use DC 1200V high-voltage super capacitor module not only reduces the cost of equipment architecture, but also enhance production efficiency and save electricity.

◎ solar energy storage system efficiency up to 95%, different from the traditional lead-acid batteries 60%

◎ domestic steel industry dedicated super capacitor module high temperature, shock, IP65 waterproof and dustproof deep won!

◎ AGV lithium iron battery module compared to the traditional lead-acid batteries, safe and reliable, no maintenance, long life, reduce weight and improve work efficiency.

◎ consumer car with lithium iron battery / super capacitor, high reliability, long life.


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