Winter blade

  • All seasons
  • Exclusive wiper 
  • Advanced aerodynamic design
  • Improved durability
  • Superior wiping performance 
  • Revolutionary quiet operation
  • Free chattering
  • Reduced steaking and smearing 
  • Resistance to all adverse climates 
  • Critical safety concern in mind

    * Installation Guide : Hook Type — 9*3 / 9*4 / 8*3  ; Bayonet — 7mm / 9mm ; Side Pin ; Pin in arm ;

Supplier Info

Fu-Gang Co., Ltd

Fu-Gang Co., Ltd, established in 1990, are one of the world’s leading providers of windshield wiper manufacturing services and have been devoted more than 2 decades in the field of wiper blade. Starting out as a manufacturer of wiper blades, Fu-Gang has moved forward into the design and manufacturing of high-quality products, especially after most wiper blade factories moved to Mainland China for the reason to gain the advantage of lower labor cost. Therefore, we can still take the lead and stand up-heading in Taiwan with unique and reliable on our products developing and outstanding to other brands on wiper blade.
We supply full range of windshield wipers to customers, include classic wiper, spoiler wiper and flat wiper. The range of our products covering variety of materials, such as galvanized steel, stainless and aluminum with surface modification of carbon, chrome and colorful coating…etc. We develop our design from put our new idea into tooling, through the whole steps and processes of production, including assembly , packing and shipping arrangement, all are done in our factory. We sell our products to whole world, such as U.S., Europe, Middle East area and Asia with our own brand “MOON”. Besides, we also supply our products to some customers under OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) brands.

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