Pre-orders for all-new Nissan Ariya limited edition lineup begin in Japan

Enhanced digital purchasing experience available in Japan, set to roll out in more markets with regional Ariya pre-order announcements coming later this year

Nissan today announced the Japan market pre-order kick-off for the all-new Nissan Ariya limited edition lineup of models. The Ariya, a 100% all-electric crossover SUV, lets customers travel farther while enjoying greater driving excitement, confidence, comfort, and connectivity.

The limited-edition lineup of Nissan’s most advanced 100% electric crossover SUV includes two battery sizes, two powertrain options, and exclusive features to meet the needs of a wide range of customers. The Ariya B6 limited edition two-wheel-drive model (63 kWh usable capacity1) is planned to be available for customers in Japan this winter, with other models following later. Pricing for the Ariya limited edition models in Japan starts at approximately 6.6 million yen, with standard models starting at approximately 5 million yen, after available government subsidies.

Customers in Japan looking to pre-order can use Nissan’s enhanced Shop@Home platform to select the Ariya limited edition that best suits their lifestyle. Nissan will begin taking pre-orders for the Ariya in other launch markets later this year.

The pinnacle of Nissan innovation and design

The Nissan Ariya, unveiled to the world last year, represents a key global model under the Nissan NEXT transformation plan. As a stylish and innovative crossover EV that combines Nissan’s expertise in electric vehicles with the latest connected technologies, it marks the next chapter in the Nissan EV story.

The exterior’s modern design, inspired by a Japanese aesthetic that Nissan calls Timeless Japanese Futurism, is enhanced by a suite of limited-edition model features. These include 19-inch aluminum wheel covers with a 3-dimentional blade design in a limited bronze color with black accents2. Five exterior colors are also available, with two, two-tone limited model exclusives: Burgundy with Midnight Black, and Shell Blonde with Midnight Black.

Inside the cabin, customers will be greeted with a spacious interior that feels more like a modern café. This is made possible by Nissan’s new EV platform, which allows for a flat floor and minimal climate control components occupying the cabin.

The Ariya limited edition interior includes a panoramic glass roof (with electric tilt and slide, electric retractable shade, and remote function), which adds a sense of openness to an already airy interior. The seats are made of soft, premium Nappa leather3, while an exclusive BOSE Premium Sound System with 10 speakers provides concert-hall sound quality.

Additional limited-edition features include stylish kick plates, with the front-door kick plates sporting an illuminated Ariya logo. Plush floor mats in an exclusive color with a Japanese stone garden motif convey both traditional Japanese beauty and advanced technology.

Performance for a wide range of customers

Taking the excitement and potential of zero-emission mobility to the next level, the Nissan Ariya’s all-electric drivetrain is an example of seamlessly integrated advanced EV technology. The Ariya limited edition models available for pre-order include four powertrain configurations that meet a wide range of customer needs and lifestyles.

For urban commuters and first time EV owners looking for quality and style in their next-generation vehicle, the Ariya B6 limited edition1 two-wheel-drive model is an ideal option. The Ariya B9 limited edition1 two-wheel-drive model features a larger battery, delivering additional range for those looking to venture on longer journeys.

The Ariya B6 e-4ORCE limited edition1 all-wheel-drive model represents an attractive balance of performance and value in its segment. With slightly less emphasis on range, this model offers ample performance and innovative new technologies, including twin electric motors and e-4ORCE control technology. These features deliver balanced, reliable power – equal to or better than many premium sports cars – to all four wheels. Meanwhile, the Ariya B9 e-4ORCE limited edition1 all-wheel-drive model represents the pinnacle of the Ariya lineup in terms of Nissan Intelligent Mobility tech, all-wheel drive performance, and range.

Be it a two- or all-wheel-drive model, the Ariya’s power and performance brings excitement back to the daily commute, urging those with a sense of adventure to explore even further.

Intelligent driving

The Ariya ensures high levels of comfort and confidence by providing occupants with the latest Nissan technologies. These include ProPILOT 2.0 advanced driver assistance and ProPILOT Remote Park, both standard features for all Nissan Ariya limited edition models.

ProPILOT 2.0 is the newest iteration of Nissan’s driver assistance technology. It allows attentive drivers to take their hands off the steering wheel under certain conditions, reducing the driver’s workload and stress in single-lane highway traffic4,5. In addition, ProPILOT 2.0 supports multi-lane highway driving tasks such as lane changes, passing and highway exiting.

Another new intelligent driving feature in the Ariya is ProPILOT Remote Park, which offers the ability to park the vehicle while the driver is outside. Standing within six meters of the Ariya while holding the dedicated Intelligent Key, the key holder can direct the Ariya to park in tight parking spots. This allows occupants to exit the Ariya before it is parked, eliminating the need to contort to avoid door dings in tight spaces.

The Ariya is also equipped with additional innovative 360-degree safety features such as the signature Nissan Safety Shield. This feature includes Intelligent Around View Monitor, Intelligent Forward Collision Warning, Intelligent Emergency Braking, and Rear Automatic Emergency Braking technology.

Shop@Home: Nissan’s digital customer experience

Customers in Japan can pre-order the Ariya using the latest additions to Nissan’s integrated Shop@Home experience. Nissan’s Shop@Home meets the growing demand for online tools and services aimed at seamlessly supporting the vehicle purchasing experience. The service offers customers the flexibility to choose the experience that most comfortably aligns with their preferences. Potential customer choices range from a digital purchasing journey to a hybrid “digital-to-physical” experience. Such variety puts the customer in control every step of the way, from consideration, purchase and through ownership.

The latest Shop@Home features, including Ariya pre-ordering, are planned to roll out in other Ariya initial launch markets – Europe, the U.S. and China – later this year.

Nissan’s Shop@Home experience features advanced presentation technology to communicate the appeal and value of the Ariya. Features such as Virtual Car will allow customers to spend a day with the vehicle in the digital world, sampling how it might fit into their everyday lives. The feature helps those new to the genre understand the ins and outs of EV ownership in an exciting, virtual way. The virtual test drive experience uses AR technology and includes a video- and text-chat service for easy interaction with a Nissan specialist about specifications and purchasing.

In Japan, customers can choose any combination of online or in-store test drives and face-to-face meetings, depending on their preferences, at any stage of the purchasing process. The entire experience is designed to be more streamlined and transparent for both dealer and customer, resulting in greater efficiency and increased trust. Customers in Japan looking to experience the pre-order process can visit:

Those who register online will receive members-only articles and video information to help them consider their purchase. After pre-ordering, customers have the option to sign a contract online after a video meeting at home. The digital customer experience then continues through ownership, using the latest in Nissan Intelligent Mobility providing connectivity like never before via features such as Nissan Voice Control, Alexa, updates over the air, and the Nissan App store.

Maintaining existing test-drive formats and face-to-face interactions, Nissan will continue to expand its online purchase consideration in order to meet the preferences of a wide range of customers.

NOTE: The above specifications are as of June 2021 and are subject to homologation. Model names, features and specifications may vary by market.

1 B6 denotes the onboard 63 kWh usable capacity (66 kWh nominal capacity) battery pack. B9 denotes the onboard 87 kWh usable capacity (91 kWh nominal capacity) battery pack. Battery capacity is estimated; subject to homologation.

2 Available on the Ariya B6 2WD, Ariya B6 e-4ORCE and Ariya B9 2WD limited edition models.

3 For Blue gray interiors, genuine leather is used on the main touchpoints of the seat, and synthetic leather is used for other parts.

4 Hands-off driving is possible when driving in a single lane, on the condition that the driver remains attentive to the road ahead and is prepared to immediately take manual control of the steering wheel when conditions of the road, traffic and vehicle require it.

5 The hands-off feature is not available in tunnels where a GPS signal cannot be established, on expressways without a physical separation that divides the traffic moving in opposite directions, on winding roads, in tollgate areas or merging lanes. When entering a road section where hands-off driving is not available, the system will alert in advance so the driver can take manual control of vehicle steering.

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