MIH consortium announces next level operating model to foster innovation and collaboration to lower entry barriers for alliance partners

Offering an open ecosystem approach committed to creating opportunity while transforming the mobility industry 

June 25, 2021 – Taipei, Taiwan – MIH Consortium, an open EV ecosystem that promotes collaboration in the mobility industry, hosts its second event to announce the Consortium operating model while extending its vision and strategy to recognize the growing demand for electric vehicles and expansion in the EV market. 

In March, MIH unveiled its Open EV Alliance — an open EV technology ecosystem that promotes collaboration in the mobility industry, while increasing innovation and expanding opportunities across the entire mobility industry. Membership grows daily, and since March, there are more than 1,600 partner companies in both the hardware and software space who have joined the Alliance.

“Ensuring the sustained success of MIH depends on the contributions and efforts from every member,” said Foxconn Chairman Young Liu, “and to ensure an open and neutral B2B platform, I commit to three promises: I will assemble a new, more diverse, and more open Board of Directors within the next six months. MIH Consortium will be neutral, open, and independent to Foxconn. And last, Foxconn’s final and complete EV products will leverage the MIH reference designs and standards and choose components and solutions from MIH members as first priority.

The Consortium announced today the founding of a Taipei office to oversee operations, foster further advancement of its charter, and to advocate on the benefits of an open EV ecosystem on behalf of all its members. The Consortium will establish technical and advisory committees, and form working groups to encourage and facilitate greater problem solving, and drive next generation mobility innovation across the member base.  

“Today, the Alliance’s focus is to identify key technologies, develop reference designs and standards, that bridge the gap for all members resulting in lower barriers to entry, accelerated innovation, and shorter development cycles,” said Jack Cheng, interim-Chief Executive Officer of the MIH Consortium, “Collaboration is at the heart of the Alliance.” 

“Alliance member contributions and participation is imperative in order for the MIH open ecosystem to be successful, said Max Cheng, Executive Vice President Core Technology and CIO, Trend Micro, “Starting six years ago, we established a Cybersecurity Solution Team to support vehicle partners’ solution in connected car. Now we can foresee that the security of connected cars will be a critical issue in the future and Trend Micro is the best partner helping to implement Security by Design.”

“An open source approach to future hardware and software platforms can spur innovation, reduce development time and provide a basis for a vibrant marketplace, this is the vision for the MIH Consortium to create an open ecosystem for all members to participate and succeed, said William Wei, Chief Technology Officer of the MIH Consortium, MIH will introduce a paradigm shift into EV development across the supply chain.”  

Over the coming months, MIH Alliance members can expect to learn more about the Alliance and its membership benefits and services which can help guide their business strategies and expand their mobility opportunities. 

Source: Hon Hai Precision Inc. Co., Ltd., https://www.honhai.com/en-us/press-center/press-releases/latest-news/640

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