Dana Leads Automotive News PACE Award Nominations List with Five Electrification Innovations

MAUMEE, Ohio /PRNewswire/ — Dana Incorporated (NYSE: DAN) announced that it has secured a leading spot across the Automotive News PACE and PACEpilot Award programs with five innovative electrification technologies being named to the lists.

Now in its 28th year, the prestigious PACE Awards program recognizes suppliers for game-changing technologies that deliver superior innovation, technological advancement, and business performance. The PACEpilot award recognizes pre-commercial, post-pilot innovations in the automotive or future mobility space, including products, processes, software, and IT systems.

“As electrification technologies continue to be rapidly embraced by our customers across the wide spectrum of vehicle classes that we support, our team is focused on designing innovative solutions to address some of the toughest challenges in our industry today,” said Christophe Dominiak, senior vice president and chief technology officer for Dana. “Whether it is individual components, fully integrated systems, or complete vehicle e-Propulsion, Dana is leveraging our expertise in design, engineering, manufacturing, and integration to meet the electrification needs of our customers across all mobility segments.”

Three Dana innovations were named finalists for the PACE Awards:

  • Complete vehicle integration for e-Propulsion and e-Power systems
    Dana’s complete e-Propulsion and e-Power systems provide customers with a propulsion system, including, motor, inverter, and driveline, as well as the e-Power system, which generates, stores, and manages the energy for the vehicle. This includes the electrified auxiliary systems, such as the onboard charger, as well as the vehicle-level software and controls – all developed and integrated by Dana.
  • Dana TM4™ high-performance inverter
    The compact, power-dense Dana TM4™ inverter leverages the company’s in-house power modules to deliver high reliability and efficiency for a broad range of two, three, and four-wheeled high-performance vehicle applications.
  • Metallic bipolar plates for fuel cell stacks
    Dana’s highly durable metallic bipolar plates with integrated metal bead seal are an integral component in the fuel-cell stack and deliver improved cost, performance, and manufacturability, aiding original equipment manufacturers in realizing commercialization of fuel-cell-powered mobility.

Two Dana innovations were named finalists for the PACEpilot awards:

  • Electric rigid beam axle
    Designed to meet the rigorous requirements of light-vehicle pickup truck applications, Dana’s electric rigid beam axle is a compact, robust three-in-one system capable of handling on- and off-road performance.
  • Composite battery enclosure with integrated thermal management
    Supporting the continued drive to reduce weight and maximize durability, Dana’s composite battery enclosure with integrated thermal management leverages the company’s sealing and thermal engineering expertise to deliver an integrated solution for hybrid and electric-vehicle applications.

The list of finalists will be narrowed through an evaluation by an independent panel of judges, and the winners are expected to be announced in September. 

Source: Dana, https://www.dana.com/newsroom/press-releases/dana-leads-automotive-news-pace-award-nominations-list-with-five-electrification-innovations/

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