EverFocus Launches the Latest Panel-Compatible Edge Device: eIVP-EHL-AI-D0000

EverFocus Electronics Corporation (TWSE: 5484), the leading provider of edge AI solutions in smart city and transportation, officially announces a release for eIVP-EHL-AI-D0000, an AI system embedded with Intel’s latest CPU—Elkhart Lake. This CPU upgrade not only delivers up to a 1.5x improvement in multi-thread computing performance, and it also takes a huge leap forward in graphics capabilities with Intel® UHD Graphics. In support of 9-36VDC wide voltage, eIVP-EHL-AI-D0000 is a mini, energy-efficient, and fanless IoT platform that can be easily deployed across industries. This AI Box is designed with multiple I/O Ports and huge expandability, including 2x 4K video outputs, 4x of COM serial ports (RS232/422/485), 6x USB ports, and 8 sets of Alarm I/Os. With the advancement of 5G-enabled technology and AIoT device management, eIVP-EHL-AI-D0000 provides turnkey solutions to facilitate edge computing and real-time data analytics for a wide variety of edge applications.


AIoT Realization in Smart Retail
Edge computing has shown the potential to deliver seamless immersive experience that retailers and customers expect from all sizes of businesses. According to a research done by IHL group in 2020, an advisory firm for the retail and hospitality industries, refreshing the point of sale (POS) at the store level is one trigger to the application of edge computing to the retail industry. With abundant I/O and AIoT device management, eIVP-EHL-AI-D0000 can simplify the deployment of automatic applications in smart retail. Supporting 5G and Wi-Fi 6E network interfaces and up to 2x performance improvement in graphics, eIVP-EHL-AI-D0000 can enhance machine learning technology that uses rich graphics and updatable content to create a compelling and personalized customer experience. Installed together with sensors like EUA1200 or other USB cameras released by EverFocus, eIVP-EHL-AI-D0000 can allow for an easy deployment of self-service kiosks via computer vision and video communications.
Inventory Evolution & Proximity Marketing
eIVP-EHL-AI-D0000 not only satisfies the needs of easy deployment in smart retail, it also addresses the issues of heavy equipments and space waste for traditional POS machines. Equipped with space-saving VESA brackets and mount racks, eIVP-EHL-AI- D0000 can be hung behind the LCD panels for the use of interactive tablets or virtual sales platforms. With the application of RFID and infrared beacon technologies, eIVP- EHL-AI-D0000 can help track and manage products by optimizing the supply chain with real-time data and accurate counts on the shelves. Also, after the collection of local data, eIVP-EHL-AI-D0000 can better carry out context-aware applications to enhance in-store shopping experience with POS services. Not just limited to the streamlining of payments or self-checkouts, with the deployment of imaging systems and data analytics, POS services can also be extended to digital signage. For example, it can provide customized advertisements to the customers in front of kiosks, based on their previous shopping patterns or demographic variables like gender or age. Via the latest video analytics technology, it can even tell the emotions a customer expresses to certain products, which leads to an automated survey and predictions on market trends.
Operational Efficiency & Fraud Prevention
Edge computing is not just a paradigm that fosters reliable, secure, and fast services to the customers. If the queue exceeds the preset number of customers or the maximum wait time, for example, alerts installed with the Alarm I/O in eIVP-EHL-AI- D0000 will be sent to the cashiers for prompt reaction. From this standpoint, edge computing also boosts the employees’ productivity by shifting their focus toward higher-valued tasks on the other hand. According to a Microsoft IoT Signals report, 92% of retailers are deploying IoT services in front- or back-end operations. By gathering sophisticated video footages as well as other data collected from the COM serial ports, eIVP-EHL-AI-D0000 also helps to improve product placement and reduce shrinkage or theft. Under such a computing-intensive AIoT infrastructure, eIVP-EHL- AI-D0000 provides an effective security measure to prevent fraud at self-checkout, which enables agile responses to suspicious transactions to eliminate the risk of fraud in every organization.
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