1/2.9 Format Image Sensor
IR LED irradiation distance 6 meter
Mirror Adjustment

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Caravision Technology Inc.

Caravision Technology Inc. ( Caravision ) has been engaged itself to the development of automotive imaging products and Fleet management system since 2014. Caravision has always improved the car safety system designed, and the products are all made in Taiwan. We have built our reputation on commitment to providing high quality products and service while rapidly responding to international needs. We have extended our business range to Europe, the Americas, Northeast Asia, Southeast Asia, Australia….and will continuously expanding in other countries.

Caravision is the subsidiary company of HI SHARP Electronics, which has more than 30 years of imaging technology experience in surveillance industry. With its support, Caravision is able to develop full range of car safety vision products such as multi-function mobile monitors, weather resistance mobile cameras, digital driving recorder, fleet management system and ADAS(Advanced Driver Assistance Systems).

Caravision has participated both of domestic and international markets, providing automotive imaging technical support and customized hardware/software solutions for different types of vehicles, such as standard consumer cars, commercial cars, trucks, buses, trailers and fork lift truck for agriculture…

High quality and stable products, user-friendly interface and revolutionary design have always been our first concern. We keep improving our professional technology in the automotive electronics industry to fit the market and customer’s need.

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