Toyota to Launch All-New bZ4X BEV on May 12 in Japan

  • Pursuing the unique novelty of a BEV, the appeal of driving, and safety and security
  • Leasing to eliminate customer concerns while taking the environment into consideration, and provision to individual customers through KINTO

Toyota Motor Corporation (Toyota) will launch the all-new bZ4X BEV*1 on May 12.

*1 Battery Electric Vehicle

bZ4X Z 4WD (options shown)

Overview of the bZ4X

  • The concept is “Activity Hub”Toyota is striving to achieve innovation in all areas including the interior, styling, driving sensation, and performance with the aim of creating exciting cars where all passengers can share an enjoyable time and space.
  • A BEV-dedicated platform, a first for Toyota, was developed with Subaru based on the e-TNGA philosophy to achieve attractive, smooth, intuitive driving performance, not just for a BEV, but for any car, as well as the off-road performance of an authentic SUV.
  • Pursuit of the safety and peace of mind of a BEV
    • The new bZ4X offers superior power efficiency performance (128 Wh/km*2) and sufficient cruising range for practical driving (559 km*2). In addition, development was conducted with a target of achieving a world-leading battery capacity retention ratio (90% after 10 years*3) in the pursuit of a BEV that can be used for an extended period with peace of mind.
    • In addition to seeking a high level of safety for the battery itself, Toyota Safety Sense, Toyota’s latest active safety package, as well as a body structure that can respond to collisions from all directions, a battery pack that contributes to ensuring protection performance in the event of a collision, and other safety features have been adopted in the pursuit of a BEV that can be driven with peace of mind.
  • Leasing to eliminate customer concerns and contribute to achieving carbon neutrality (CN)
    • All vehicles will be available for lease to eliminate customer concerns regarding residual battery performance, BEV maintenance, and residual value. Also to contribute to the achievement of CN, battery management will be implemented for all vehicles by using batteries without waste through the 3Rs (Rebuild, Reuse, Recycle).
    • Provisions for individual customers will be through a bZ4X exclusive KINTO subscription service*4 plan.
    • A maximum 10-year term with guaranteed battery performance. Monthly payments decrease in stages starting from the fifth year with no early cancellation fees.
    • Connected service use and various other fees are included in the monthly fees.
    • Measures will also be taken to improve leased bZ4X vehicles in conjunction with technological innovations.

*2 All figures are calculated using FWD vehicles equipped with 18-inch tires in WLTC (World Harmonized Light Vehicles Test Cycle) mode and evaluated by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.
*3 Estimated value is calculated assuming average usage set by Toyota using individual battery cells. Actual battery capacity retention ratio when installed in a vehicle environment may vary depending on customer use conditions, usage environment, and driving methods. Therefore, a 90% battery capacity retention ratio after 10 years is not guaranteed. The battery is guaranteed for 10 years or 200,000 km (70% battery capacity) under the manufacturer’s warranty and BEV Battery Support Plus in Japan. We are also preparing guarantees and services tailored to each overseas region.
*4 Full-service lease that includes vehicle charges, insurance premiums, vehicle taxes, maintenance fees, etc. in the monthly fees.

Source: Toyota,

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