Toyota enhances its executive structure to ensure continued growth and accelerated transformation

Toyota will enhance its executive structure in Europe to ensure continued growth and success.

This is part of a global approach, announced today by Toyota Motor Corporation under the theme of “Inheritance and Evolution”, and is prompted by a desire to further accelerate towards a once-in-a-century transformation by further enhancing the flow of expertise between global and regional operations.

Europe is the fastest changing automotive region globally – especially in key areas such as carbon reduction & carbon neutrality, electrification, hydrogen economy and mobility solutions.

Today, Toyota is enjoying unprecedented success in Europe with a record market share of 7.3% in 2022 and clear 2nd place for the Toyota brand in the region by sales volume – thanks largely to increased customer demand for its multi-technology range of electrified low emission products and its Kinto mobility offers.

Looking ahead, Toyota’s ambition is to continue its success in Europe by maintaining leadership and growth through a once-in-a-century period of transformation. At the same time, global Toyota also has the ambition to benefit from learnings and experience in all regions.

To realise these local and global ambitions an enhanced executive structure will be created to ensure efficient information flow and decision-making with Toyota in Japan, thereby ensuring the further development of Toyota’s businesses in Europe and around the world.

Under this new structure, Yoshihiro Nakata, as CEO Europe Region, will be responsible for strategic planning, communication and liaison by close collaboration with Toyota in Japan. Matt Harrison, as COO for Toyota Motor Europe, will remain responsible for implementation, operational excellence and commercial success in Europe.

Matt and Nakata san will continue to work closely together, and in parallel, to realise Toyota’s ambitions for Europe, and to ensure learnings and success factors are effectively transmitted to Toyota in Japan for the benefit of the company on a global basis.

Source : Toyota

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