Unveiling “JI YUE”: Redefining the Electric Vehicle Experience


Geely Holding Group (Geely Holding) and Baidu Inc (Baidu) are proud to announce a significant milestone in their strategic partnership with the introduction of “JI YUE,” a premium intelligent technology brand.

The flagship “JI YUE 01” model aims to redefine the concept of intelligent mobility, serving the preferences of tech-orientated consumers in China for autonomous mobility solutions.

JI YUE’s primary goal is to provide an unparalleled intelligent automotive experience. Beyond overseeing sales, services, and marketing for the 01, JI YUE will also build and develop its own charging network in China to meet consumer demand for smart intelligent electric vehicles.

The stage is set for the JI YUE 01’s market debut in Q4 this year, harnessing the benefits of Geely Holding’s acclaimed automotive manufacturing expertise, including the Sustainable Experience Architecture (SEA) and an established supply chain, along with Baidu’s cutting-edge and industry-leading artificial intelligence technologies, including advanced intelligent cabins and autonomous driving.

Source : Geely

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