Highly automated and driverless parking: now also available for the EQE Saloon

Driving into a car park, exiting the vehicle, and sending it to a pre-booked parking space via smartphone: with the Remote Parking Package and the Mercedes me connect service INTELLIGENT PARK PILOT, the Mercedes‑Benz EQE Saloon is now ready for highly automated and driverless parking (SAE Level 4). Additionally, the so-called Automated Valet Parking service is subsequently available for any equipped EQS Saloon and S‑Class Saloon models by Mercedes‑Benz that have already been delivered. The highly automated parking function will soon be available for additional Mercedes-Benz models such as the new E‑Class.

The advantage of this highly automated parking function: Searching for a parking space and parking are no longer necessary. This not only saves customers valuable time but also makes their parking experience more comfortable, especially in narrow parking garages. Via the Mercedes me App, the driver books a parking space in advance and then leaves the vehicle in a designated drop-off area at the parking garage. Once all passengers have exited the vehicle, the driver can initiate the parking maneuver via the Mercedes me App. When the App confirms that the Automated Valet Parking infrastructure has taken control of the vehicle, the driver can leave the parking garage. Guided by the intelligent infrastructure provided by Bosch, the vehicle then automatically drives to the reserved parking space and parks automatically. When customers return to the parking garage, they can easily initiate the pick-up of their vehicle via smartphone. The vehicle automatically pulls out of its parking space, drives to the pick-up area and is ready for departure.

In November 2022, Mercedes-Benz and Bosch received the world’s first approval for commercial use of their highly automated and driverless parking function in Germany. The APCOA parking garage P6 at Stuttgart Airport is the first parking garage worldwide offering Automated Valet Parking to Mercedes-Benz customers.

Rollout for Mercedes-Benz EQS and S-Class

In addition to the EQE Saloon, driverless parking is now also available for all current EQS Saloon and S‑Class models by Mercedes-Benz (excluding models by Mercedes-AMG and Mercedes-Maybach). The availability no longer depends on a certain production date, making highly automated parking possible for even more customers of Mercedes-Benz.

Planned for the future: driverless parking with the new E‑Class

With the optional pre-installation for INTELLIGENT PARK PILOT, the new E‑Class is prepared for Automated Valet Parking (SAE Level 4). With the Remote Parking Package (optional for the plug-in hybrid model) and the Mercedes me connect service INTELLIGENT PARK PILOT (country-dependent), the new E‑Class has the onboard technology to park and unpark highly automatically without a driver.

More comfort with innovative parking assistants by Mercedes‑Benz

Mercedes-Benz customers can park more comfortably with partially automated parking assistants (SAE Level 2) across all model series. Thanks to powerful sensors that support the driver in many situations. Acceleration, steering, braking, gear changes and indicator are controlled automatically. The integration of the parking assistants in MBUX ensures an intuitive user experience while the 360° camera offers a comprehensive vision of the vehicle.

Memory Parking Assist

Parking at home: The Memory Parking Assist can remember repetitive parking processes on private property, such as driving into the garage. When the vehicle approaches the learned start position, parking can be started via the touchscreen. The driver is at the wheel and monitors the automated parking process. If obstacles are detected, the vehicle stops until they are removed.

Remote Parking Assist

Parking via smartphone: The Remote Parking Assist can control a parking process in garages or in both end-on and parallel parking spaces via the Remote Parking app. The driver is outside the vehicle, holds down the touch panel on the smartphone and monitors the automated parking process.

Active Parking Assist with PARKTRONIC

Parking at the touch of a screen: The Active Parking Assist with PARKTRONIC finds a suitable parking space and automatically parks the vehicle in both end-on and parallel parking spaces. The driver is at the wheel and monitors the automated parking process via the real-time rendered picture of the 360° camera. The latest generation of the Active Parking Assist with PARKTRONIC, available with the new E‑Class, parks the vehicle at higher speeds of up to 4 km/h.

Source : Mercedes-Benz

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